Work with me!


Need research on any particular topic, from politics to history? I can help!

I hold a bachelor’s degree in History and Slavic Philology and a master’s degree in Eastern European History from the University of Heidelberg in Germany. I worked as a research assistant during my graduate studies and am comfortable working in English, Spanish, German, and Russian.

In addition, I have great intercultural skills thanks to my own personal background as a Mexican-American living in Germany and my extensive travels in almost 40 countries.


Like my texts? Then let me know if you’d like me to edit any of yours! My experience as editor includes academic texts and publications ranging from articles to books. I have a sharp eye for detail and can catch all those pesky double-spaces and misplaced apostrophes to make your text shine!


My editorial experience also includes a heavy amount of translation; I am able to translate from Russian, German, and Spanish into English. The texts I have translated range from catalogs and manuals to academic articles and biographies. I have references and would be happy to provide you with samples.

Travel planning

So you’re planning to embark on a trip around Europe but don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there before. My first trip to Europe was back in 2004, and ever since coming back to the Old Continent and traveling extensively here I’ve learned a trick or two to make the most out of a trip. I also know Europe’s geography extremely well and can help you come up with an itinerary tailored to your interests.


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